Tuesday, January 25, 2011

December Catchup..

Going to cover all of December in 1 post.  Overall our lives calmed down heading towards Christmas.  Few big happenings were the 2nd Annual Cookie Baking Extravaganza and Melissa's visiting the week after Xmas.

Cooking Baking - last year I brought pre-made aporns and decorated them.  Since I am secretly obsessed with aprons :), I decided to sew aprons for the girls.  The only bad part was that I bought the goods in summer (all but purple) and didn't start the project till 2 wks before (during the crazy time mentioned in the last few posts).  So needless to say there were some late nights and emergency calls to my mother (and some assistance from her).  I did about 98% myself; but the last part required a hand sewn finishing stitch (blind) that I had no idea how to do (thankfully Mom was happy to help)!  This year there were 3 of us and we picked our recipes a little more sanely this year.  We each chose to 2 recipes (and made sure not to do to many cookie cutter since that took forever last year).  Enough talking here are pictures of the festivities..

Invitations this year (last year were gingerbread men)

Apple Doodles (really really good)

Candy Cane Kisses (good but a lot of work so you don't melt the kisses)

Chai Tea Cookies (really good, with frosting ok)

Chocolate Pinwheel (these were ok not the best)

Double Butterscotch (good)

Peanut Chocolate Swirl (ok to much chocolate for me and swirl didn't work out)

Our little helper, Ekam posing by an ornament he made for our tress

Ekam the photographer, Kristy, Jennifer & Paramjit

Supervisor Dalton, Jennifer & Paramjit

Jennifer, Ekam & Paramjit (double butterscotch cookies)

Jennifer, Ekam & Kristy (more double butterscotch)

The girls, I picked out everyone's favorite colors for the aprons
(Paramjit wore pink that matched and she had no idea about the apron!)

The second big happening was Melissa visiting.  She drove from FL xmas night  Our time was spent mostly just hanging out and catching up..  A few things we did do - went to our favorite cactus shop - Spicewood Spines (I LOVE LOVE that place), learned to knit from my mother, baked some bread, and in general relaxed.  Here are a few pictures..


Our purchases; we try to get pots that have a lot of babies and share with each other


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