Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wildflowers blooming on our land right now..

Hello - I thought I would share with you some of the wildflowers that are blooming on our property right now.  I did not seed them - they occur naturally!  Sorry, in some cases the picture quality isn't always great.  Eventually I hope to update the bad ones.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Blue Gilia - blooming profusely!

Blue-eyed Grass


Fringed Puccoon (definetly need a better picture!)

Plains Black Foot Daisy
Plains Yellow Daisy (I also see Four Nerve Daisy in nurseries)

Texas Dandelion
Verbanan (blooming like crazy everywhere!!!)

Cow Vetch

Wild Onion (blooming everywhere!)
Parralena (something weird happened with upload - oh well)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Journey for Bluebonnets

This past saturday, we decided to go hunting for bluebonnets.  Boy did we find some AMAZING displays!  Aric and I were joined by my mother and Nick and Stephanie.  We had a great time exploring and snapping tons of pictures!  The only disappointment was the long line at Coopers in Llano - we were too hungry to wait.

Our trip took us through Kingsland, Inks Lake over to Llano.  This year is great for wildflowers - I highly recommend you take a few hours to check them out!  We are thinking to take a shorter trip this weekend.  Just can't pass up more photo opportunities - it has been many years since we have had displays such as these. 


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gardening at it's best

Last year I had 6 blue bonnents in my side yard garden.  This year - there are to many to count!  I hope that it keeps increasing every year.  In the middle of the blue bonnets I planted 2 different kinds of tulips - that should both naturalize and more will come back every year.  Wow - watching this area this past few weeks has been amazing.  Here are some photos (that don't do it justice) of the process.

Tulipa Saxatalis (free bulbs from Southern Bulb Company) & Blue Bonnets

Close up of Tulipa Saxatalis

Tulipa Saxatalis, Tulipa Clusiana 'Tinka', & Bluebonnets

Tulipa Clusiana 'Tinka', & Bluebonnets

Close up of Tulipa Clusiana 'Tinka'

I leave you a final picture of Dalton with the blue bonnets.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

Plant Shopping

I have taken multiple trips to nuseries this year - I have a hard time walking out with nothing.  On this trip, Paramjit joined me.  She wanted to try her hand at some hanging pots and a cactus landscape with some guidance from me.

Our first stop was Natural Gardener; I got there 5 minutes early - BAD IDEA!!!  Traffic was backed up everywhere waiting for the gates to open.  We found quite a few thing here; Petunias,Chocolate Daisy, California Poppies, and more.

Our 2nd stop was Sunshine Gardens up 620.  No pictures, but found some pretty flowers and herbs!  Next on the agenda, Spicewood Spines - all cactus nusery in Spicewood Springs.  I have been there many times and just love the selection and the owners - they are so nice!  Afterwards we decided we were starving and tried out a cafe at the Galleria - it was good.  Last stop for the day was Lowes for some potting soil - but it turned out they had a bunch of annuals on clearance - so we picked up a few more things!  As we were going to leave - Paramjit figured out she had locked her keys in the trunk.  So while waiting for her husband, we hung out in my car.

Here are some flowers Paramjit purchased.